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Yangzhong Hongtu Grinding Tools Co.,Ltd. lies in Yangzi River. The east is Shanghai, and the west is Nanjing. It has transport facilities¡£ Hongtu Grinding Tools Co.,Ltd. has imported the technology and equipment for making abrasive tools from Unicorn Abrasives UK Ltd. others include the most advance at present in China digital control hot press, lathes, grinders and mixing feeders as well as testing equipM for .....

Dear gentleman /lady :
¡¡ ¡¡¡¡First of all, welcome you to come over our Web site of grand plan!
¡¡¡¡Grand plan rub have limit establish and at 1986, produce artificial Buddha's warrior attendant masonries mainly by company ¡£In the tide of reform and opening up to the outside world, under the untiring efforts of our staff, Our factory has gotten considerable development, the output value had already reached more than 15 million yuan in 1999 .During the last ten years, we were through introducing the advanced technology and equipment, employed the senior technician, It is suitable for the glass, pottery, crystal, refractory to succeed in developping By the artificial Buddha's warrior attendant's stone mill of four trades, rub series of tools, such as surface, holing,etc.. Keep fit moat tell and remonstrate with man firs beat good fortune with a stick face bright prosperous mother Spanish mackerel good fortune shelveses by Mou ¨²?? Certain share , at present, we are stepping up developping and spread out rubing, the resin and electroplating type there are Buddha's warrior attendant's stone mills, Can introduce to the market soon. While carrying on technology and strict quality control strictly, we pay attention to the work of after-sale service of the products even more. For this reason, we have established the group of a after-sale service specially, in order to understand in time that the customer's need and suggestion,etc. feedback the information. The annual user who develops through this group visits It ask and wait for activity, whether we last market demand, not perfect accurate offer important to depend on at other of various fields business decisionses for properties of product according to.
¡¡¡¡Now, we open one's own Web site, it is not merely in order to popularize our products, And in order to utilize the most modern information worker Grasp the integrated information of various fields faster, have a large circle of friends, develop together .

"Customer satisfaction" is the "future" sought-after first goal.
"Future" is consistent with to provide customers with high quality products and celebrated.
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