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  Yangzhong Hongtu Grinding Tools Co.,Ltd. lies in Yangzi River. The east is Shanghai, and the west is Nanjing. It has transport facilities¡£

  Hongtu Grinding Tools Co.,Ltd. has imported the technology and equipment for making abrasive tools from Unicorn Abrasives UK Ltd. others include the most advance at present in China digital control hot press, lathes, grinders and mixing feeders as well as testing equipM for products etc.. The tools are intended for grinding and polishing materials with superhardne and toughness.Now the factory has 100-odd staff workers, and 15 technicians. Just this technological team ensures the safety in production and the best quality of products.

  The developing tendency of the factory is to exploit the production in the diamond stone field continuously,and serve the vast customers with its more, newer and topper products¡£

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